2016 North Queensland Bluewater Invitational

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The 2016 North Queensland Bluewater Invitational is on again this weekend!

Proud hosts, the Townsville Skindiving Club, are preparing for one of the biggest years yet with interest from competitors gaining rapidly as the bluewater season takes off in full swing.

Townsville is one of Queensland’s hotspots for bluewater spearfishing, not only due to its proximity to the outer reefs but also the abundance of pelagic species.

The team-based competition and limited scoresheet (3 fish per diver), has a focus on safe, selective, spearfishing across two days.

Queensland Bluewater Invitational Spearfishing competition
Queensland Bluewater Invitational Spearfishing competition
Queensland Bluewater Invitational Spearfishing competition

The aim of the event is to get like-minded spearfishers together in a friendly atmosphere, similar to that of a social dive, but with a competitive team focus and few rules.

The event encourages team diving, often a necessary component of a successful bluewater trip.

Competition dates are 12th – 13th November, sign on between 4 and 6pm Friday 11th at the Townsville Yacht Club, and weigh in at the same location by 3pm Sunday.

All participants must front for registration and be a current financial AUF or USFA member.  Maximum 4 divers per team (additional boaties/divers per boat are welcome).

North Queensland Bluewater Invitational

The competition grew significantly by 2014 thanks largely to the support of sponsors and devout passion from competition director and current President, Max Haste.

Two x 3-day spearfishing charters for in Tonga is on offer again thanks to Bluewater Explorer Tonga and Rob Torelli, as well as many other great prizes from sponsors including Adreno Spearfishing.

For more details on the competition rules and score sheet, head to the Townsville Skindiving Club website or contact the Townsville Skindiving Club direct on Facebook.

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